Theory of Language by Steven Weisler and Slavko Milekic


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We have incorporated several features to allow the user to quickly navigate through the CD-ROM and to augment the learning experience.

The reference window provides the user with a glossary of key terms used in the CD-ROM as well as citations and bibliographic references for key authors and historical figures mentioned.

Terms and authors in the body of the presentation can be clicked on to access the related reference information.

The notepad provides the user with a simple word processor where he or she can take notes about the material being read, or where he or she can answer questions contained within the CD-ROM.

The table of contents allows the user to quick navigate to any point within the CD-ROM. Thumbnail-sized images provide a quick visual reference for the user, so that he or she can preview the page before actually navigating to it.

The question window presents the user with thought provoking topics for discussion which can be assigned by instructors as homework or extra credit assignments. The questions can be answered in the notepad or any other word processing environment to which the user has access.


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